Girls, no matter what age, often don’t dare to try skateboarding when the park is crowded by men kicking some crazy flips. Mostly, they just watch their boyfriend or friends skating.
However, whenever they finally stand on a skateboard and try to skate the pump track or do the first turns in the mini ramp, they are having a lot of fun! And it’s even more fun, when girls can skate with other girls, give helpful advice and push each other to try new tricks.
You think you are too old or too young for learning how to skateboard? Or that it’s just a man’s thing? Time to change this mindset and start skateboarding!

Why should you come to the Girls Skate Tuesday?
– You are among other motivated girls who just want to skate
– Girls have a different approach than boys when it comes to learning something new; they will understand your fears and concerns
– It’s just more fun to skate with other girls
– Make easily friends with girls from all over the world
– Every age and level is welcome
– You might be in Bali for surfing – so why not trying another board sport?

Girls Skate at amplitude

Girls skate Tuesday
– Every Tuesday from 4pm, girls get free entry and free board rental
– pump track, bowl or street – you choose what you want to learn
– There are always other girls around that give you a helping hand or advice


About the organizer

This is Annina, 25 years old and a passionate longboard and skate girl from Switzerland. When she wanted to start skating at the age of 23, she thought she was too old for that and she’s never going to learn it. However, in Europe she joined a girl’s community and realized how inspiring and motivating skating among girls can be. One year later, she was able to drop into the Amplitude skate bowl with her skateboard and participated in an international downhill longboard race. Who would have thought it? Now, she wants to motivate other girls to skate and become a part of the skate community.

Annina With skateboard

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