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J.O.B Pipeline | SwellTech


J.O.B Pipeline | SwellTech


SWELLTECH TRUCK SYSTEM: Introducing our new truck system for 2017! The SwellTech system is everything the V-Truck provided, and MORE. From deeper carves, to more resistance and stability through turns and combinations, our SwellTech system is our best yet ~ And the World’s ?

Designed by Jamie himself, the Jamie O’Brien Pro model is built for those looking to progress to advanced levels. Jamie’s deck is designed to be small and compact, giving a “loose” feel, which allows a rider to pump swiftly down the line, and perform snaps with speed and agility . Jamies board is good for more advanced maneuvers, like 360s, and more simple training aswell, like tight turn drills.
We recommend this board to riders 4’10’ to 5’10 or 149-170cm tall.
*Note, These heights are only suggestions, any rider can shred any board*

J.O.B Pipeline Pro Model Specs:
– SurfSkate V-Truck System
– Wheelbase: 21 Inches
– Deck Length: 34 Inches
– Abec 7s
– Tail width: 7.5″
– 65mm 78a Wheels
– Traction Pad


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