Bs pop shove-it tailgrab trick tip

Bs pop shove-it tailgrab trick tip

Pop shove-it tailgrabs are a fun variation on a simple trick.
You obviously need to learn how to do high pop shove-its first.

(Video by Blindsk8r)

  1. Start riding at medium speed in the pop shove-it position.
  2. Pop the board with your back foot and add a little shove to it, to spin the board in a 180 degree rotation.
  3. At the halfway point, already reach down for the tail grab.
  4. Hold on to the tail and guide it under your feet.
  5. Land and bend your knees to absorb the impact.
Fs nollie 360 shove-it trick tip

Fs nollie 360 shove-it trick tip

Shove-its are so easy in the nollie position. You’ll learn this nollie 360 shove-it in no time.

  1. Start riding nollie, with your front foot a little more to the toeside of the nose.
  2. Crouch down just a little and get ready to shove the board. This means you can already put some pressure on the toeside of the nose.
  3. Shove the board mainly with your front foot, and guide it a little with your back foot.
  4. Give the board some room to make the 360 rotation.
  5. Catch the board with both feet to land.

Bs shove-it trick tip

Bs shove-it trick tip

The shove-it (or varial) is one of the oldest skateboard tricks. It’s ideal for beginners, because you don’t need the ollie. However, the shove-it can be a good basis for more advanced tricks such as the varial kickflip.

  1. Position your feet like the image below. Lift up the heel of your back foot and let your toes lean over the edge.
  2. Crouch down a little and get ready to jump.
  3. Shove the board 180 degrees over the ground using mostly your back foot. Your front foot should guide the board.
    Jump a little while doing this. No need to go high, the board should sweep over the ground.

  4. Catch the board again with both your feet.

Fs halfcab trick tip

Fs halfcab trick tip

A cab or caballerial is a 360 fakie ollie, so a halfcab is a 180 fakie ollie.

If you can do regular 180’s, you won’t have many problems learning halfcabs.

1. Start riding fakie with your toes on the toeside of the tail.

2. Turn your shoulders in the direction opposite to your jump direction.
Crouch down a little and get ready to jump.

3. Pop the board and jump. If you pop on the toeside of the tail, the board will automatically turn 180 degrees.

Swing your arms to help you make the 180 rotation.

4. Use your front foot to guide the board.

5. Land and roll away.


Bigspin trick tip

Bigspin trick tip

Bigspin is a cool name for a 360 shove-it with a body varial in the same direction. It looks pretty awesome for a medium difficulty trick.

1. Start riding with your front foot on the front bolts and your back foot on the toeside of the tail.

2. Shove the board hard, mainly with your back foot. At the same time, jump in the same direction as the board.

3. Let the board spin 360 degrees and rotate 180 degrees in the same direction yourself.

4. Catch the board in the air just before you complete your rotation and land.


Fs 180 ollie trick tip

Fs 180 ollie trick tip

The fs 180 ollie is a fun and easy trick, ideal if you just learned your ollie and want to take it to the next step.

1. Start in the ollie position, with your back foot a little more to the heel side.

2. Crouch down to jump and wind your arms in the opposite direction.

3. Push your back foot down fast to pop the board. Because you push on the heelside of the tail, the board will rotate 180 degrees frontside.
Swing your arms to help with the rotation.

4. Try to land a full 180 degrees and roll away.


Body varial trick tip

Body varial trick tip

A body varial is a trick where you jump 180 degrees while the board doesn’t rotate.

It’s a good trick for beginners and can be used in combination with flip tricks later on.

1. Start riding at a comfortable speed with your feet above the bolts. Don’t put your back foot on the tail.

2. Bend your legs slightly and wind up your arms to prepare for the jump.

3. Jump 180 degrees frontside or backside.

4. Land with your feet on the bolts.


Ollie trick tip

Ollie trick tip

Since Alan “Ollie” Gelfand invented the ollie in 1978, it has been the single most important trick in skateboarding.

Almost every street or vert trick strongly relies on the ollie. Learn this one really well, this will be the foundation to build all the other tricks on. It can take some time to master the ollie, but it will make your life a lot easier.

1. Start with your feet positioned more or less like in the picture below.

2. Crouch down for the jump. Don’t go too deep or you won’t be able to pop & drag the board.

3. Jump up using your back foot. Snap the tail down hard and fast. Raise your front foot and don’t put pressure on the board with it while jumping.

4. Move your front foot towards the nose of the board to level it out. Take it easy, it’s a gentle drag, not a ninja kick.
At the same, raise your back foot.

 5. Try to stay level and land with your 4 wheels at the same time. Bend your knees a little to absorb the impact of the jump.