Amplitude skate and bike park offers a wide range of options to have fun with your skateboard, cruiser, BMX, mountain bike, inline skates or kickboard. The park is divided in two big parts: The street course with bistro on the one side, and the pump track with a massive bowl in the center on the other. The whole facility is 3000 m2. 

Pump Track


A pump track is designed for all things on wheels. It is a looped circuit of berms and rollers, where the idea is to pump and jump round with as much speed, style and fun as possible without pedalling or pushing. If a pump track is built properly, advanced riders will be able to jump from roller to roller, rather than just pumping and riding over them.

The racing pump track at Amplitude is designed as a dual slalom pump track: Two riders can start at the same time taking a different lane. After an intersection, they will end up having the same length of race track.

The racing pump track was designed and constructed by the prestigious Swiss company Velosolutions which has been an active part of the mountain bike scene for 17 years. It is the first pump track in Indonesia that was designed and built by this innovative company. Together with Amplitude they developed the concept for the pump track and combined it with the existing infrastructure.


We are proud to present the deepest skate bowl in Indonesia. It is an enormous concrete bowl surrounded by the bump track. The deep end is 270cm (9ft) with 30cm (1ft) of vert. The shallow end is 170cm (5.5ft) and has no vert. The bowl is made for skate boards as well as bikes.

The street park is one of the best street courses in Indonesia. It is unique on the island, because it designed around a restaurant. The course contains a variety of different features for all kind of levels. There is a mini fun bowl (125cm/4ft deep) that can be used as a mini ramp. Furthermore, there are many different obstacles such as ledges and rails, quarter pipes, banks, a manual pad, an A-frame with a grass gap, small stairs and a pyramid. No matter what level, every skater will find something to work on, improve their skills and have fun.

Both, the bowl and the street course were constructed by the Indonesian skateboard and skate park brand Motion.


If you want to improve your skills, it never hurts to have a good balance and to train it regularly. You can do it for example between two skate sessions at Amplitude. Grab one of the balance boards and try out different stances and turns on the board. As an alternative, you can walk on the slackline. This is a special kind of balancing act similar to tightrope walking. If you try it for the first time, just make some steps and see how far you come. Advanced slackliners can even try to walk backwards, turn around, sit down and get up again. Just be patient, the body needs some time to get used to the shaking.