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Ollie trick tip

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Since Alan “Ollie” Gelfand invented the ollie in 1978, it has been the single most important trick in skateboarding.

Almost every street or vert trick strongly relies on the ollie. Learn this one really well, this will be the foundation to build all the other tricks on. It can take some time to master the ollie, but it will make your life a lot easier.

1. Start with your feet positioned more or less like in the picture below.

2. Crouch down for the jump. Don’t go too deep or you won’t be able to pop & drag the board.

3. Jump up using your back foot. Snap the tail down hard and fast. Raise your front foot and don’t put pressure on the board with it while jumping.

4. Move your front foot towards the nose of the board to level it out. Take it easy, it’s a gentle drag, not a ninja kick.
At the same, raise your back foot.

 5. Try to stay level and land with your 4 wheels at the same time. Bend your knees a little to absorb the impact of the jump.