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Skate School

Amplitude Skate School deliver professional skateboard coaching for all ages, levels and styles.

Improve your balance, build up your confidence and have lots of fun at the same time! 


IDR 300,000/session of 2 hours


Learn more and achieve results faster. A one-on-one private lesson is a great confidence booster for any level. Whether it’s your first time on a skate or you’re a advanced skater, you will always benefit from a private lesson. Improving your technique will build confidence and make the sport you love easier and more enjoyable.


Our group lessons are designed to help you improve your skills, meet new people and have lots of fun along the way. Skaters/bikers are like one big family, we strive off of one another and push each other to bike new things in different ways so we all may progress. Perfect for all levels the group lessons are capped at a maximum group size of 4 and all skaters will progress quickly as the instructor will have more individual teaching time to work on your trouble spots.

We offer supportive instruction in a safe learning environment per session for 2 hours.


IDR 350,000/session of 2 hours

We offer supportive instruction in a safe learning environment to suit all levels with 1x session lesson for 2 hours we will provide 1 bottle of mineral water, 1 amplitude drink, and 1 amplitude food for your kids, FREE



What you need to know

  • You will need to bring your own skateboard (please use a skateboard for tricks and not a cruiser skateboard. We recommend Check our Shop).
  • Elbow, knee, wrist pads, helmet, water and sunscreen are a must for every class
  • If the weather is too hot (over 35) or raining we will reschedule the class for an alternate day
  • You will need to join as a Skatescool member which covers you for accident insurance
  • Minimum age 5 years and over 

If you skate with Skatescool more than once we ask that you become a Skatescool member.

Being a member gives you the following benefits;

  • You become part of a club
  • Membership card 
  • Invitation to all Skatescool events
  • Quarterly newsletter 
  • Accident insurance at any Skatescool event 
  • FLAT DAY Trucker Cap
  • $10 gift voucher for our shop