Amplitude skate and bike park is the largest and most comprehensive skate park in Southeast Asia, Located in kerobokan Bali, Indonesia. Amplitude skatepark offers a wide range of options to have fun with your skateboard, kickboard, cruiser or even inline skates. The park is divided in two big parts: The street course with a bistro on one side and the bowl park with a three diffent size bowl in park. The whole facility is as big as 3000m².



We are proud to present the largest skate bowl in Indonesia. These are the three different bowl sizes in the park, Medium Size, Fun Bowl Size, and Olympic Size. Olympic size tip depth is 300cm/10ft with a height of 30cm/1ft. The shallow end measures 170cm/5.5ft and has no peak. This bowl is made for professional skateboarders.

The street course is one of the best in Indonesia. Its embedding around a restaurant makes it unique on the island. The course contains a variety of different features of all levels. There is a mini fun bowl (125cm/4ft deep) that can also be used as a mini ramp. Furthermore, there are many different obstacles such as ledges and rails, quarter pipes, banks, a manual pad, an A-frame with a grass gap, small stairs and a pyramid. Every skater will find something to work on.

Both, the bowl and the street course, were constructed by the Indonesian Skatepark Company brand Motion Skate Co.