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Ways to Stop / Slow Down

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There are a few ways to stop, depending on the situation. They’re pretty easy, so make sure you got them down.

Jump off
The fastest way to stop riding is jumping off your board. You will save yourself, but your board will keep rolling.
It might roll under a car or something, so this is really just when it’s too late to stop in any other way. I’d rather lose my board than my life.

One foot on the ground
Instead of jumping off, you can also just remove your back foot from the tail and put it on the ground to stop.
If you go fast, you can’t just put your foot on the ground, so drag that foot a little over the floor to steadily descrease your speed.

This is the most frequently used way to stop.
Just lean back a lot and bend your front leg, like you would to start a manual, but lean more backwards so your tail scrapes over the floor.
This will make you slow down and stop.
By scraping your tail over rough surfaces, your tail will get thinner, and eventually it might break. This could be a reason not to do tailstops, or do them only on smooth surfaces.

180 tailstop
Start with a normal tailstop, untill you have lost most of your speed.
Then try to slide 180 frontside or backside (backside is more easy to start with), while still dragging your tail over the floor.
You will stop faster than with normal tailstops and you did a 180, so you are ready to hit that sweet rail (or anything else) again, without having to turn.

In my opinion, powerslides are the coolest way to stop. They can be done frontside or backside, whatever you prefer.
To do a powerslide, put your front foot near the front bolts and your back foot with your toes on the toe side of the board for a bs powerslide or on the heel side of the board for a fs powerslide.
Now just push your back foot forward (fs) or backward (bs) and slide over the ground with your back wheels.
Only do a 90 degree powerslide to stop.
You will nearly stop immediately, or make a little slide, but it’s a fast way to stop.
To start riding again, just pivot 90 degrees back.

180 powerslide
If you already go slow enough, you can do a 180 powerslide, for the same reasons mentioned in the 180 tailstop part.If you are going too fast while doing a 180 powerslide, you will just keep riding fakie. So what you could do it try a 90 powerslide untill you lost most of your speed, and then just continue with another 90 powerslide out.

Above are the most frequent ways to stop, but you can be as creative as you want with them. Tailstop fingerflip, 90 ollie to powerslide, … you name it!