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Your First Tricks

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Once you start feeling comfortable on your board, it’s time to learn your first tricks.
This is where the fun begins, enjoy it!


Before we start, here are some tips that can really help you learn tricks faster and more consistent:

  • Practice is the key. Don’t give up when something doesn’t work, no one can land a trick in the first try. Even after months of practice, it’s still possible that you fail to land a trick consistently.
    No one said it would be easy.
  • If the same thing keeps going wrong, just think about it and what could cause it, and really try to correct that, instead of just making the same mistake 200 times in a row until you’re exhausted
  • Try to practice tricks until you can really land them consistently. If you just land it a few times and move on to the next trick, you’ll just forget about the previous trick and you’ll have to learn it again.


There are more tips if you’re interested.


You should start off with some really easy tricks and work your way up. As I said in the previous chapter, you should really learn to land these consistently, because they’re the basic tricks that you need to learn other tricks.

  • Ollie: the most important trick in skateboarding. It can take a while to land it, but you can do some more easy tricks meanwhile.
  • Shove-it: this was the first trick I landed, because it’s really easy, but still a fun trick to do. And you can use it in combo’s when you get a bit better.
  • Manualnosemanual: very easy tricks, because you don’t land them, you just do them. But still it’s a good exercise, and great combo material.
  • Body: there’s no trick tip of this, because it’s too easy. You just jump in the air (without your board), make a 180 degrees rotation, and land on your board again.
  • Once you got the ollie down, you can start practicingkickflips and heelflips.After that, the sky is the limit.